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Mycena B Dickerson | Reply 23.12.2018 17.12

This is my ALL-TIME farvoite dog ! Our family had one for 15yrs. I would take everyone of these dogs ! PS I'M SO GLAD I MADE A DONATION TO Wikipedia !😃😃

Karen | Reply 29.03.2017 03.40

You should put an American/English cocker spaniel.

Sandy Bretto | Reply 29.12.2016 16.57

Dogs appearance change with time, just because your dog did not have a turned up nose does not mean that today's version would not have a turned up nose.

Sandy Bretto | Reply 29.12.2016 16.47

It could have been one of the older style American cockers or an English Toy Spaniel. Both of which are small and com in Buff and White. Do you have a picture

Marilyn | Reply 29.12.2016 08.42

We had a small spaniel dog when I was growing up. It was blonde with white markings. It's nose was not turned up. Does anyone know what kind of spaniel he was?

Mary S. | Reply 01.12.2016 08.12

Cool guide! I found a similar one here with breed history and such: http://www.animalwised.com/types-of-spaniel-dogs-spaniel-breeds-around-the-world-1178.html

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09.08 | 10:28

Do you have any female Welch puppies left?

03.08 | 18:23

How do know if my spaial is Sussex?

02.08 | 02:38

This dog is pretty. It has a different look. I will also like to have a dog as a pet after my https://www.goldenbustours.com/seattle-tour-packages/

14.07 | 12:51

Hello. We are a Bay Area family interested in a Welsh Springer Spaniel. Please contact me at(650) 219-8560 or laurenbb14@gmail.com. Thank you.

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