Buyers Questionaire




NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________      

STREET ADDRESS:________________________________________________________________________


PHONE: Home:______________________ Cell: _________________Other:____________________

E-MAIL (1)_________________________________ E-MAIL (2)_________________________________

  1. Why do you want a Welsh Springer Spaniel?  ________________________________________


  1. Have you ever met and/or spent time with a Welsh Springer Spaniel?              Y(  )     N(  )
  2. Have you ever owned a Welsh Springer Spaniel before?                                    Y(  )     N(  )
  3. Housing arrangements in which you currently  reside: Check all that apply.      

              (  ) City           (  ) Rural             (  ) Suburban

              (  ) House        (  ) Apartment    (  ) Condo                  ( ) Own    (  ) Rent

Yard      (  ) Fenced       (  ) Unfenced     (  ) None                                                                            If yard is fenced, what type of fencing do you use? _________________________________

If you rent, do you have your landlord’s permission to house a dog?                Y(  )     N(  )

Landlords’ Name:____________________________________ Phone:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________

       5. Do you own any of the following for your Welsh Springer Spaniel?

Airline Crate                           Y(  )     N(  )                 Size:________________________________

Other type of Crate                 Y(  )     N(  )                 Size:________________________________

Kennel Run                             Y(  )     N(  )                 Size:________________________________

      6. Do you work outside of the home?         Y(  )     N(  )

If so, what are your work hours? (include travel time)_________________________________________

Will someone be home during these work hours to care and give support to this dog?  Y(  )    N(  )

If no one will be home, where will the dog be kept during your work hours? _______________   

     7. Where will the dog’s primary living area be?           (  )lives outside        (  ) lives inside            (  ) both   

Where will the dog be allowed?____________________________________________________________

Where will the dog sleep?_________________________________________________________________

     8. Do you have children?      Y(  )     N(  )    How many? _______ Ages: ______________________________

     9. Have you had dogs before?           Y(  )     N(  )

What happened to the dogs? ______________________________________________________________________________________


    10. Do you have pets now?   Y(  )     N(  )     Kinds:______________________________________

    11.Would you consider attending obedience classes?                    Y(  )     N(  )

    12. Will you take this dog to the vet regularly?                               Y(  )     N(  )

Will you keep this dog current on immunizations?                              Y(  )     N(  )

Will you keep this dog on Hartworm prevention, if required in your area?        Y(  )     N(  )

Will you  have an electronic I.D. tag inserted in the dog?                                  Y(  )     N(  )

    13. Are you willing to be financially responsible for this dog?                       Y(  )     N(  )

    14. What will you do with this dog when you go on vacation?_______________________________________________________________________________________

    15. What will you do with this dog if you have to move to another home of location?_______________________________________________________________________________________


    16. How did you learn about Welsh Springer Spaniels?_____________________________________________


You can copy  / print this form or Contract breeder for a Word file of this applications.  You can e-mail the completed word file or FAX the completed form to 951-639-0269.


 These are the adoption questions recommended by the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America.

All Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies are sold with restricted registrations unless otherwise stated.



Sandy Bretto,  ,   ,  (951) 232-7976


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DONE Sending...

heather | Reply 23.12.2020 17:55

Hi Sandy, we sent in an puppy application today - thanks! Heather

Elizabeth | Reply 04.08.2020 10:46

Hi! My fiancé and I submitted an application this morning. Let me know if you received it. Thank you!

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Latest comments

26.07 | 11:49

We are also looking for a Weshie after sadly losing our 3rd last October. After 24 years of at least 1 Welshie, I'm not coping very well without one.

07.07 | 15:56

Also looking for a WSS male puppy? Any timeline when available?

16.06 | 08:35

Wondering if you have any WSS puppies ?

05.06 | 13:34

We had our beloved ESS for almost 15 yrs (not long enough!), & would like to adopt another within a year. Do you expect to have puppies available? Thanks!

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